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Welcome to the Dog Park!

We're glad you're here!

For Location refer to the Footer

Parking spaces available directly across from small dog park fence.

Please do not park vehicles in the ACC or Admin parking lots during office hours for those buildings.


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Please READ the Dog Park Rules and Regulations.


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Things to Get You Started

1. Please LEASH your dog  to/from the Dog Park.

2.  There are 3 fenced areas:

      Small Dog Area - 35 lbs and Under - No exceptions

      Large Dog Area - all dogs allowed

      "Adaptive" Area -

         This is a great area for  dogs who need time to get used to the dog park. 

         Calming dogs down before entering one of the other areas. 

         Dogs who just need a little more space, etc.

3.  All owners are responsible for their dog's behavior AND their own behavior!

4.  All owners are responsible for picking up after their dog and placing bagged waste       in grey plastic bins inside gated area.  Includes any waste left along entrance                   walkway to and from park.  Waste bags are provided and located along fences.

5. Park in the spots along the road and not in the Office parking lots near the buildings.

6.  The Dog Park is maintained & managed by the Dog Park Board & VOLUNTEERS,                  NOT by Fairfield Glade.  

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